Oracle TMS to be compatible with WHO Drug B3-format

Oracle has recently announced that the TMS (Thesaurus Management System) coding system will be compliant with the new WHO Drug B3-format.

The changes needed will be made available for users six months prior to the B3-release (released on March 1st. 2017). Patches will be targeted for TMS versions 5.1.x, 5.0.1.x approximately six months before March 2017.

Latest update

OC 4.6.6/TMS 4.6.6 will not be updated to support WHO Drug type B3 and long drug names – only OC 5.1/TMS 5.1.2 and OC 5.2/TMS5.2 (expected start Sept. 2017) will support the new WHO Drug B3 format.

Note: Drug names in WHO Drug B3 allows up to 1500 characters, but only the first 200 characters will be derived from TMS to OC. The percentage of drugs names exceeding 200 chars in WHO Drug B3 is less than 3%, so the risk for truncated drug name derived back to OC is small.

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