OC 5.2 / TMS 5.2 version targeted for 2nd half 2017

Oracle are currently working on an OC 5.2 / TMS 5.2 version that are targeted for 2nd half of 2017. The 5.2 version comes with a technology update on the middle-tier now using Oracle WebLogic server 12c, and support for Microsoft Edge Web browser for Windows 10 on web-clients.

For existing customers on OC/TMS versions 4.6.6, 5.0.1 or 5.1, this is an opportunity to plan for a final and most likely last upgrade of OC/TMS from Oracle.

From release date of OC/TMS 5.2 you can expect 5 years of support.

Future Outlook
Oracle are encouraging OC/TMS/RDC customers to switch to its Health Sciences solutions based on Oracle Life Sciences Hub (LSH), Data Management Workbench (DMW) and Inform (EDC cloud solution).

Oracle Health Sciences – Inform

Link: Oracle Health Sciences R&D Cloud Solutions

Oracle Health Sciences